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HIT5 Patient

Positioning laser

Automatic calibration with SmartPhantom under 10 minutes

Double diode red and green for each laser line provides redundancy and adaptation to each patient’s skin tone

Accuracy of 0.1mm thanks to SmartPhantom automatic calibration

CYRPA’s HIT precise patient positioning lasers allow a fast and accurate virtual simulation

The HIT5 is compatible with all CT scanners.

The HIT5 patient positioning laser system allows a fast and accurate visual simulation in radiotherapy with a laser line accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. It is compatible with all CT scanners.

With a touch of a button, the cross or the diode laser line may be red or green. The double diode allows to adapt the laser color to each patient’s skin tone and has the advantage of a built-in redundancy

Thanks to the fact that all lasers are mobile no couch movement is needed on the transversal plane, which allows a faster process and avoids human error during that manipulation.

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Support services available

Our knowledgeable and experienced C-RAD Services team is here for you during the entire lifetime of the systems. We guide you from installation and clinical implementation, through preventive maintenance, support and continuous software upgrades.

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