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Expanding Horizons of SGRT Explored by a C-RAD Expert

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Daniel Speir, Chief Radiation Therapist, Willis-Knighton Health System, Shreveport, La. A newly published article by Jennifer Cook, C-RAD Clinical Applications Specialist at Vertec Scientific, a distributor of C-RAD products in…

C-RAD Opens New Experience Center in India

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C-RAD is excited to announce the official opening of the C-RAD India Experience Centre, the first of its kind in Asia and the Middle East.   Opened in collaboration with…

C-RAD & Accuray: Partners for Progress in Breast Cancer Treatment

| Articles, DIBH, Motion Management, Patient positioning, SGRT, Workflow automation | No Comments
C-RAD is proud to be partnering with Accuray on a new VitalHold™ Breast Package for their Radixact System, integrating and automating a Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) solution using Surface…

New eDucation e-Learning Platform Available for All C-RAD Users

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Check out the new version of eDucation, C-RAD's on-demand e-learning platform. All C-RAD users can register for free. Take a look, and benefit from the tutorials and tips that will…

Precise SGRT with Structured Light Technology

| Articles, Catalyst +, Motion Management, Patient positioning, SGRT, Visual coaching | No Comments
C-RAD’s Catalyst+ with structured light offers accurate positioning and optimized workflow that’s time-efficient, including, for example, DIBH breast treatments or SRS treatments.   What is Structured Light? Structured light is…

ESTRO-ACROP Releases First-Ever SGRT Guidelines

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ESTRO-ACROP (The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology – The Advisory Committee for Radiation Oncology Practice) has released a comprehensive guideline detailing the European recommendations for clinicians on the use…

A New Study: Improving Patient Safety with SGRT

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As surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) gains traction as an essential part of radiation therapy, it is becoming more than merely a technology for patient positioning. The clinical role of…

Using SGRT for Improved SRS Accuracy

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The benefits of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) cannot be overstated. However, the margin of error for SRS is significantly lower than that for conventional radiotherapy, which brings to the forefront patient…

SGRT: Essential Care in Radiation Therapy?

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Over the past several years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cancer care providers worldwide who are choosing to adopt surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) as…

How to Stop Compromising Patient Safety, Treatment Time and Workflow Efficiency

| Articles, Catalyst+HD on Ring Gantry, Motion Management, Patient positioning | No Comments
How do you continuously hit the mark in long and complex treatments, without compromising patient safety, treatment time or workflow efficiency? Our answer is the Catalyst+ HD system.    We have…

Why Surface Guided Radiation Therapy?

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A complete SGRT solution fulfills several requirements in delivering real-time image-guided radiation therapy:   During the simulation process, SGRT helps provide a patient-specific motion management and localization strategy. This is important…

Optimizing Workflow

| Articles, DIBH, Motion Management, Patient positioning, Visual coaching, Workflow automation | No Comments
Creating an efficient workflow not only maximizes your productivity, it can also ensure greater accuracy and help improve the patient experience. Here’s how SGRT can benefit your process:   Evaluating…

Ensuring Accurate Treatment Delivery

| Articles, Motion Management, Patient positioning, SRS, Workflow automation | No Comments
Successful treatment is dependent on accurate treatment delivery, which hinges on accurate set-up and patient position during treatment. SGRT can ensure precise delivery of radiation treatments without tattoos, bony tissue…

Emerging Trends in Cancer Treatment

| Articles, Clinical usage, DIBH, Motion Management, Patient positioning | No Comments
Today’s scientists and researchers are developing more effective oncology treatments than ever before. Here, we highlight a few new exciting techniques and describe how the use of Surface Guided Radiation…

The Value of a Deformable Registration Algorithm

| Articles, Catalyst +, Catalyst+ HD, Clinical usage, Motion Management, Patient positioning, Sentinel | No Comments
Surface-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) systems work by continuously collecting 3D images of a patient’s surface, typically the patient’s skin, and using this information to accurately identify a tumor position within…

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