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Technical Training

Technical Training & Certification

  • Qualification Trainings are conducted by Expert Field Service Engineers
  • Maximum class size is six students per module, in order to optimize quality
  • Training sessions are held at C-RAD offices (or by special arrangement)
  • For each student, each successfully completed training module results in a personal certificate demonstrating product competence
  • A digital examination is performed after each module and requires a passing score before qualification
  • C-RAD offers regular refresh training options for all products, which is required to maintain individual certificates
Technical Training Enquiries

Training & Certification Scheme

Technical Training Sentinel / Catalyst+ HD

Duration: 5 days
Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Technical Training cAutoVerify / cAccessory

Duration: 3 days
Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Technical Training HIT Laser System

Duration: 3 days
Location: Paris, France

Re-certification Sentinel / Catalyst+ HD

Duration: 2 days
Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Re-certification Training cAutoVerify / cAccessory

Duration: 1 day
Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Re-certification Training HIT Laser

Duration: 1 day
Location: Paris, France

Application Training

Post-Installation Training

C-RAD provides flexible training modules to help each clinic reach its individual clinical goals when it comes to using SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy).

C-RAD provides application training on all C-RAD SGRT products and Workflow Automation products. Trainings are conducted by certified and experienced clinical application specialists.

The training is built based on purchased modules:

• cPosition
• cMotion
• cRespiration
• cSRS

Post-Installation Training Enquiries

Refresh Training (As Part of Service Contracts)

C-RAD offers refresh trainings on a yearly basis as part of service contract levels cExcellence and cSuperior.

Customers without service contracts who need refresh training due to staff rotation or wishes to deepen their knowledge in a core team may contact to make a request.

A refresh training scope is defined together with the customer to determine the needs based on clinical goals and possibilities. It may follow a similar module-based training program as “post-installation training” or be targeting a specific workflow.

Refresh Training Enquiries

Online Training on eDucation Portal

eDucation Portal is an online learning platform providing a tailored user experience and is available to all C-RAD users. Here you can reach:

  • Video tutorials
  • Manuals, QuickGuides, workflow suggestions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Quiz – to test your skills
  • It is also possible to connect with the C-RAD clinical application specialist team
eDucation Portal

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