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SGRT – Patient positioning and motion management

Catalyst+ HD™ offers a complete solution for online patient tracking before and during treatment delivery, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcome without non-prescribed doses.

Accuracy, Usability, Integration

C-RAD’s SGRT solutions accurately calculate the tumor position without requiring tattoos, ensuring that the prescribed dose is delivered as intended and enhancing the protection of organs-at-risk.

Our complete end-to-end workflow from CT simulation to treatment delivery, provides a practical and clinically beneficial SGRT solution.

Automated workflows integrate with Linac and Proton delivery systems, ensuring accurate treatment delivery and providing an additional layer of safety assurance.

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Non-rigid Algorithm

While SGRT systems are used for final positioning, body tattoos and room lasers are typically used for initial setup, meaning that only three points on the skin surface are the basis for setting up the whole patient. Correcting a setup error means that the patient’s position must be shifted manually, followed by an additional check for laser and tattoo alignment. It is typically not possible to detect posture errors or misalignment of patient extremities with a classic “3-point set up”.

Catalyst+ HD™ captures the complete body surface continuously. The Non-Rigid Registration Algorithm compares the current patient posture to the previously recorded reference setup in real time.

Deviations are immediately projected directly onto the patient’s skin, ensuring a fully interactive workflow. Catalyst+ HD™ communicates directly with the couch to support the auto set-up procedure. The system is designed for a maximum level of integration into the treatment process.

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Setup and Positioning

  • 3D surface positioning
  • Patented color map projected on patient body during setup
  • Correct any posture or positioning errors immediately

Motion management in real time

  • After setup, the Catalyst+ HD™ system will continue to monitor patient posture and position during treatment
  • Real-time intra-fraction motion monitoring
  • Patient movements over the threshold immediately trigger an alarm and/or beam hold
  • Continuous calculation of isocentric shift, enabling detection of slower relaxation or sliding movements

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Hear from our clinical partners

“C-RAD allows us to in real time manage the motion that the patient has as they breathe… C-RAD will allow us to completely avoid the heart and deliver the radiation precisely accurately to their breasts only…”

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Stephen S. Nigh, M.D.

Radiation Oncology, Medical Director of Cancer Services,
Northwest Community Healthcare, US

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