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A more efficient workflow saves time for what really matters

Using an automated workflow to minimize repetitive time-consuming tasks doesn’t just save you and your team time, it also increases patient safety. We offer a complete automation solution for both the imaging suite and treatment room, automating patient identity validation and accessory tracking. To streamline the daily workflow within radiation therapy even further, cAutoVerify seamlessly integrates with the Record and Verify system.

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RFID tags on accessory detected by RFID antenna.

Display via a wall mounted touch screen.

Facial recognition via ceiling mounted camera.

Benefits & features

Accessory Tracking

Always The Right Accessories

With cAutoVerify, you always validate the correct accessories, both patient specific and global.

Seamless Integration

cAutoVerify automatically validates accessories, reporting directly to the Record and Verify system without any user intervention.

Fast and Reliable

RFID tracking technology brings both speed and reliability to cAutoVerify, and enables completely contactless validation.

Adapts To You – Not The Other Way Around

cAutoVerify adapts seamlessly to your current workflow, streamlining operations, saving time, and increasing efficiency whenever the opportunity arises.

Patient Validation

Always the right patient

cAutoVerify enhances safety via automation, so you always have the right patient for every treatment.

Seamless Integration

cAutoVerify automatically validates patient identity, reporting directly to the Record and Verify system without any user intervention.

Never Forgets a Face

Biometrical facial recognition validates the patient identify quickly, without contact and to the highest level of safety.

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Support services available

Our knowledgeable and experienced C-RAD Services team is here for you during the entire lifetime of the systems. We guide you from installation and clinical implementation, through preventive maintenance, support and continuous software upgrades.

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