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The double diode can be adapted to each patient’s skin tone and has the advantage of a built-in redundancy

Automatic calibration can be done with the “SmartPhantom RT”

Adjustment of each laser beam remotely on the three planes of movement: translation, rotation and tilt

This is the laser positioning system that is installed in the linear accelerator room or treatment room.

The HITM consists of three fixed motorized laser boxes : that generate one sagittal laser generating a line, and two lateral lasers, each generating a cross, made of two lines.

The HITM (High Impact Technology Motorised) system is compatible with all linear accelerators. As it is adaptable to each radiation treatment room, the positioning device HITM distinguishes itself even more by the great precision (an accuracy of +/- 0,1mm) when treating patients. Furthermore, it performs a fast and automatic adjustment of the patient positioning laser system.

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