At C-RAD, we aspire to live by our guidelines, principles and applicable laws. We want to make it possible to detect and act early on signals of possible misconduct within the business.

Hopefully, it will feel natural to talk to us directly if you suspect any serious misconduct, but if you want to be anonymous, it should still be possible to point out problems. That’s why we offer a whistleblower channel together with the company Lantero.

The channel is primarily intended to capture serious irregularities, where there is a general interest in the problem being addressed or if it is a clear breach of the law. All notifications will be processed, but if they are judged to be outside the scope of the channel, they will not be processed according to the whistleblower’s routines but will still be forwarded to the party concerned for handling.

To make a report, you need to fill in a form with all relevant information. The form is located on an external website. Cases are investigated by a specially appointed group. Feedback is given to the management of C-RAD with suggestions for action or further handling.

NOTE! To guarantee your anonymity, we recommend that you:

  1. Use a computer outside C-RAD’s network when reporting, as web traffic from the workplace may be traceable.
  2. Copy and paste the link below into your browser.

You can access the report form at: https://lantero.report/crad


Alternative reporting via “external channels” and appointed authorities

According to the whistleblower legislation (December 2021), it must be possible, in addition to organizations’ internal whistleblowing channel, to be able to report via so-called “external channels”. Different authorities have different areas of responsibility and shall provide reporting channels available for this purpose. The responsibility for the law lies with the Ministry of Labor, which informs about the authorities responsible for specific areas.

More information is available at https://www.regeringen.se/sveriges-regering/arbetsmarknadsdepartementet/