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High Accuracy

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Catalyst+ HD - Accuracy is the key to treatment success

The Catalyst+ HD offers a complete solution for high precision patient positioning, intra-fraction motion management, and respiratory gating, ensuring the best possible treatment outcome for conventional and stereotactic treatment delivery.

The new Catalyst+ HD platform combines all strengths and experience of the previous generation Catalyst with the latest surface imaging technology, leading the way into the new decade.

In the modern era of radiation oncology where precision is crucial, the Catalyst+ HD is the precise answer to stereotactic radiation therapy.

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Catalyst+ HD

Benefits & features

Superior technology with optimized workflows

With non-rigid algorithms and superior technology, Catalyst+ HD is designed to achieve the best results with optimized workflows.

  • Structured light technology
  • Largest field-of-view for complete patient coverage
  • High resolution surface imaging for submillimeter accuracy
  • Increased image quality with high dynamic range
  • Real-time motion management with high speed camera
  • Robust handling of patient change, swelling or weight-loss

Reliable equipment and predictable results

The clinical confidence you need to treat your patients. Catalyst+ HD is equipped with real-time motion management with automatic beam control for the patient’s safety.

  • Accurate isocenter alignment with 6-DOF corrections
  • Real-time surface and 6-DOF isocenter monitoring with beam control interface
  • Breath-hold and free-breathing gating modes
  • Visual Coaching – goggles, tablet and room light solution

Prioritizing the comfort of the patient and the experience of the therapist

Catalyst+HD is designed to be fast, accurate and safe. Prioritizing comfort for patients and therapists.

  • Augmented reality color projections directly on the patient’s skin for posture corrections
  • Enables marker-less patient setup
  • Monitor the patient during the entire fraction, beam delivery and verification imaging

Seamless integration

Catalyst+ HD is designed to ensure a seamless clinical workflow.

  • Patient synchronization for automatic patient retrieval in c4D
  • Couch status for information of couch actuals
  • Couch control for sending shifts to the treatment couch for automatic adjustments
  • Beam status for information about the beam delivery
  • Beam control for the of automatic beam hold of the treatment delivery

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

The CatalystHD equipped with C-RAD’s SRT module offers a complete solution for high-precision patient positioning and intra-fractional motion management with maintaining submillimeter accuracy during non-coplanar treatment delivery.

  • Submillimeter accuracy
  • High-precision patient positioning
  • Real-time motion management with beam control interface
  • Optimal 360° patient coverage for non-coplanar treatment delivery support
  • Dedicated non-rigid deformable algorithm optimized for frame-less intra-cranial SRS

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Support services available for Catalyst+HD

Our knowledgeable and experienced C-RAD Services team is here for you during the entire lifetime of the systems. We guide you from installation and clinical implementation, through preventive maintenance, support and continuous software upgrades.

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