About C-RAD

Delivering advanced precision and safety in cancer care

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help cure more cancer patients and improve their quality of life, partnering with clinics and treatment centers around the world.

Our Vision

To provide superior treatment in radiation oncology for all people with cancer, no matter where they live.

C-RAD is a medical technology company that produces surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) solutions to increase treatment accuracy and patient safety in the entire radiation therapy workflow.

Our Approach

Our positioning and scanning products help take advanced radiation therapy techniques to the next level, ensuring that the radiation dose is delivered to the tumor with extremely high precision and microsecond timing.

The result: more effective, safer treatments for the patient and a more efficient workflow for the clinic.

Core Values


…and collaboration as the key to success…between colleagues, departments and partners to reach full potential.


…as our commitment to continuously improve and provide highest quality…and professional attitude to ensure satisfaction in our relationships.


…as a result of openness and transparency…as a means for empowerment to enable ownership and team commitment.


…for better and faster treatments to ensure highest patient care…and creativity to inspire with our innovative solutions.


…for each other and value diversity as a strength…for our responsibility to society.

Cecilia de Leeuw

“C-RAD creates modern solutions for cancer therapy, truly improving individual care and societal needs.”

Cecilia de Leeuw, CEO of C-RAD

C-RAD’s Journey

  • 2004


    C-RAD founded.

  • 2006


    Sentinel™, the first product, launched.

  • 2007


    First products in clinical use.

  • 2011


    C-RAD enters North American market with C-RAD Inc subsidiary.

    Catalyst™ system, a next-generation optical surface scanning system, launched.

  • 2013


    Tim Thurn is appointed CEO for C-RAD. Catalyst HD™ released.

  • 2014


    C-RAD is listed on NASDAQ.

  • 2015


    Catalyst released for use in proton and particle therapy.

    Innovative laser solutions for patient positioning and virtual simulation added to the C-RAD portfolio with the acquisition of the Franco-Belgian Cyrpa group.

  • 2019


    Expanded into workflow for patient and accessory validation. Framework agreement with Elekta signed.

  • 2020


    Catalyst+ and Catalyst+HD upgrade is launched.

  • 2021


    cAutoVerify is launched. Framework agreement with Accuray signed. C-RAD enters Indian market with subsidiary.

  • 2022


    C-RAD enter Australian and New Zealand market with subsidiary. Cecilia de Leeuw appointed as CEO & President on December 21, 2022.

  • 2023


    Catalyst+ version 6.5 is launched.

C-RAD Elevates Patient-Centered Care

SGRT is a tattoo-free alternative for patients who require radiation therapy. With the elimination of tattoos and elaborate immobilization products, SGRT helps improve the overall treatment experience.

C-RAD monitors the patient’s motion without the use of tattoos or additional imaging dose, to deliver the highest level of patient safety and comfort.