Achieve perfect posture and drive treatment success

Maximize efficiency and patient safety for respiration gating techniques and stereotactic radiation therapy with Catalyst™, C-RAD’s advanced Surface Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). Accurate positioning and movement monitoring help assure the best clinical outcome while sparing dose to healthy tissue.

The Catalyst system and its optimized workflow:

  • Ensure accurate positioning using patients’ anatomy versus a face mask or tattoos
  • Monitor real-time motion of the patient and generate notification alerts automatically
  • Calculate the isocentric center to automatically position the table correctly
  • Enable teams to work more efficiently while providing the best care for their patients


“Catalyst HD is able to guarantee a patient set-up within 0.5mm / 0.5 degree on average for patients with brain metastases…”

— Michel Öllers, Medical Physicist PhD., Maastro Clinic, Netherlands

See how the Catalyst SGRT system is used to position a patient during SRS treatment.

Watch time: 3 minutes

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Watch the workflow process using the Catalyst system for deep Inspiration breath hold (DIBH).

Watch time: 3 minutes

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"When we conducted a study to evaluate the accuracy and stability of DIBH using SGRT compared to our previous radiofrequency transponder method, we achieved significantly higher positional accuracy and improved precision with the Catalyst HD system."

Kalet, AM, Cao, N, Smith, WP. (2019) Accuracy and stability of deep inspiration breath hold in gated breast radiotherapy –A comparison of two tracking and guidance systems. Physica Medica 60: 174–181

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