Maximize patient safety during proton therapy treatment with Catalyst PTTM

Maximize efficiency and patient safety for proton therapy with Catalyst PT, C-RAD’s advanced Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). Accurate positioning and intra-fraction motion monitoring help assure the best clinical outcome while sparing dose to healthy tissue and ensure a better patient experience.

The Catalyst PT system supports the entire proton therapy workflow from simulation to treatment by:

  • Using the patient’s anatomy instead of tattoos to ensure an accurate treatment delivery
  • Monitoring patient position intra fraction to improve patient safety and delivery confidence
  • Monitoring respiratory gating treatment with submillimeter accuracy
  • Delivering significant time savings with an integrated patient setup workflow
  • Increasing productivity with non-rigid algorithms and a highly integrated QA/QC procedure

Listen to case information illustrating how SGRT is critical in delivering high quality care to proton therapy patients.

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Hear how the Maastro Clinic uses Catalyst in photon therapy to manage motion during treatment.

Watch time: 28 minutes

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“Catalyst PT reduces the magnitude of initial setup errors and enhances our confidence in accurate dose delivery by aiding patient posture correction and active monitoring of patients during beam delivery. With Catalyst PT, we have also been able to minimize our x-ray imaging needs thus leading to reduced overall patient treatment times.”

— Alonso N. Gutiérrez, PhD, MBA, Asst. Vice President and Chief Physicist at Miami Cancer Institute

To learn more, download the Catalyst PT, Advanced Surface Imaging for Proton Therapy brochure.

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