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The C-RAD Sentinel system available with interfaces to three major CT vendors

Press release 2012-03-16

Press release 2012-03-16

C-RAD AB with its four fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. The development of the interface to Toshiba CT systems has successfully been finished. The C-RAD Sentinel system can be offered with interfaces to CT systems available from three of the main vendors on the market.

The development of the C-Rad Sentinel System has successfully reached the next milestone. The Sentinel System is used for 4DCT applications and allows respiration controlled CT image acquisition.
The technical validation together with the Toshiba Large Bore CT has been finalized at the LMU in Munich-Grosshadern in Southern Germany. The validation was performed together with the physics group from LMU and Dr. Wachter from the Radiotherapy Clinic Passau.
The integration allows prospective and retrospective CT image acquisition. The new 4D CT method allows increased image quality for tumors, which are moving due to respiratory motion. Patients with left sided breast cancer, lung and liver benefit from this new technology.
Advantages for the clinics are simplicity and workflow integration, patient and personal comforts as well as the full integration with the C-Rad Catalyst System for Free Breathing and Breathhold Treatments.
After integrating the Siemens Open Interface and the Philips Interface, the Toshiba is the third interface, which allows 4DCT acquisition based on the Sentinel technology.
The interface will be part of the Release of C-Rads c4D Platform end of March 2012. First orders for the interface are already booked.
The next step is to promote the new solution to clinical customers but also to the Toshiba sales organizations.

Dr.Stefan Wachter (Associate Professor), Head of Department, Radiotherapy Clinic Passau:
“We use since more then four years 4DCT datasets as the reference for gated treatments. The relevant indications are left sided breast as well as thorax and upper abdominal cancers where we use hypofractionated high precision treatment techniques.
The new Sentinel System from C-Rad convinces in phantom test with simplicity, fast and reproducible precision in combination with the Toshiba Aquilion Large Bore CT system. In comparision to existing solutions are additional product features in the Sentinel system extending the clinical possibilities.”

Prof. Dr. med. Claus Belka, Head of Department, LMU Department of Radiation Oncology Munich:
„The possibility of acquiring 4DCT with the Sentinel System is very interesting. Not to use markers on the patient is an advantage for the patient itself but also for therapists.
The system supports the acquisition of retrospective and prospective gated CTs. This leads to superior image quality for targets which are moving according to respiratory motion.“

 Erik Hedlund, CEO of C-RAD AB:
“With the support of the 3 major CT vendors, we can offer respiration controlled CT acquisition for about 80% of the complete European market of the 4D capable CTs in RT departments. This superior system offers unique benefits for clinics and patients.
Later in 2012 interface to the General Electric computer tomographs will be released.“

For further information:
Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telefon 018 – 66 69 31, E-post

About C-RAD AB

C-RAD develops new and innovative solutions for the use in advanced radiation therapy. The company group of C-RAD offers products and solutions for patient positioning, tumor localization and radiation treatment systems. End users are radiation therapy clinics worldwide. All product development is conducted in four fully owned subsidiaries; C-RAD Positioning AB, C-RAD Imaging AB, C-RAD Innovation AB and C-RAD Incorporated. The headquarter of the group is located in Uppsala, Sweden. Number of employees are currently 20 people. The activities at C-RAD AB originates from research and development at the Karolinska Institutet in Solna. Sales of the company’s first product, the C-RAD SentinelTM, started in 2007. Cooperation agreements have been signed with the Swedish company Elekta and the Belgian company IBA. C-RAD is represented by distributors specialized in radiation therapy on  major markets. C-RAD AB is listed at Nasdaq Omx First North Premier. 

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