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Repurchase of C-RAD B-shares in week 34, 2023

During 21 August 2023 and 23 August 2023, C-RAD AB (publ) (LEI code 549300SPXLHF15W2CU25), has repurchased in total 28,500 own B-shares (ISIN: SE0002016352).

The repurchase is carried out in accordance with the Annual General Meeting's authorization to the Board to acquire shares in the Company. The purpose of the repurchase is to cover the Company’s obligations under previously resolved incentive programs.

Date: Aggregated daily volume (number of shares): Weighted average share price per day (SEK): Total daily transaction value (SEK):
2023-08-21 15,000 31.0834 466,251
2023-08-22 8,500 31.5243 267,957
2023-08-23 5,000 31.8600 159,300
Total: 28,500 31.3511 893,508

All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by Pareto on behalf of C-RAD. Following the above acquisitions, C-RAD AB holds a total of 88,500 class B-shares in treasury as per 23 August 2023, equivalent to 0.26 percent of the total number of shares outstanding, and 0.21 percent of the votes. The total number of shares outstanding in C-RAD AB, including shares held in treasury, is 33,766,935, where of 862,887 are Class A-shares and 32,904,048 are Class B-shares.

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