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Release of new functionality for C-RAD SentinelTM

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries develops new and innovative
solutions for the use in advanced radiation therapy. The company has now
released new unique functionality for the surface contour scanning system, the

As an important part of the C-RAD SentinelTM laser scanner, the system is
further developed and functionality for motion detection of patients during
radiation treatment is now implemented. During radiation treatment it is of
utmost importance that the patient stays in correct position during the course
of the treatment that can take several minutes. A sudden misalignment of the
patient position can generate the result that radiation is delivered to healthy
tissue instead of to the planned tumor area. The motion detection application,
called cMotion, continuously detects, with sub millimeter accuracy, any
unexpected movements of the patient during radiation treatment in order to
safeguard a safe and efficient treatment. The SentinelTM cMotion system is easy
to use and well integrated in to the normal workflow at a radiation therapy
clinic. The laser technology used does not require any cumbersome markers to be
placed on the patient and no extra radiation is delivered to the patient. The
motion detection, functionality can be used as a stand-alone system or
integrated with the patient positioning functionality available within the
SentinelTM system concept. With the patient positioning and motion detection
functionalities in place, C-RAD can offer a streamlined workflow to align the
patient prior to treatment and to supervise the patient during treatment. 


Cristina Svensson, CEO, C-RAD Positioning AB:

"The release of cMotion is an important step in order to offer complete
functionality for patient positioning and motion detection in radiotherapy
treatments. With the high degree of accuracy in combination with the highly
efficient workflow we expect this solution to be appreciated at radiotherapy
clinics worldwide. The possibility to supervise the patient during the
treatment session is with this solution significantly improved compared to
traditional manual methods. Several customers have been waiting for this
release and we can now start deliveries of this product." 




For further information: 

Cristina Svensson, CEO C-RAD Positioning AB, Telefon 018 - 66 69 36, E-post 
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