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First test results confirm C-RAD’s GEMiniTM imaging system design.

Press release 2008-10-07
First test results confirm C-RAD's GEMiniTM imaging system design. 

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries develops new and innovative
solutions for the use in advanced radiation therapy. After a successful system
integration phase the first system tests have now been performed using a 40cm x
40cm GEMiniTM image panel. The test results show that the technical
functionality meets the system specification. 
The GEMiniTM family of image detector panels is primarily designed for use in
radiation therapy but the panels can also be used in industrial radiography
systems. The market potential for C-RAD Imaging's products exceeds 150 MUSD.
GEMiniTM products represent world class performance and comprise state of the
art technology including new unique patented inventions. These new inventions
enable superior image quality combined with lower cost of ownership. 
The first model to be released is GEMiniTM ED, which is optimized for use in
high energy photon radiation applications (MeV) such as EPIDs (Electronic
Portal Imaging Devices). With its higher detection efficiency and expected long
life length it is an attractive alternative for the competitor systems
currently available on the market. 
The initial internal tests have been successful with results fully proving the
technical design. At the end of October a GEMiniTM ED system will be placed at
the University Hospital in Lund, where image quality tests will be performed. 
The GEMiniTM system has raised a very high interest among all major actors on
the market. Several customer demonstrations are planned to take place in Lund
during the next coming months. 

Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:
"These results from the first full scale 40 cm x 40 cm system now encourages us
to promptly start up the testing in a clinical environment. C-RAD Imaging and
the Radiation Physics department at Lund University Hospital are looking
forward to enter into this testing and demonstration phase. 
We at C-RAD are also very pleased with the response and interest shown by our
collaboration partners and potential customers. They are now eagerly waiting
for the image quality results from the Lund test activities” 

For further information: 
Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telephone 018- 666931, E-mail:
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