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ESTRO-ACROP released guidelines on surface guided radiation therapy

A second report detailing guidelines for clinicians on the use of SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy) has been issued. This time by ESTRO-ACROP SGRT group. The report includes European guidelines for procurement, acceptance, commissioning and QA of SGRT systems.

ESTRO-ACROP (The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology – The Advisory Committee for Radiation Oncology Practice) formed a dedicated workgroup focused on defining clinical workflows for the implementation of SGRT. The workgroup comprises representatives from the user community, academia and industry. The recently issued European guidelines aim to guide current and/or prospective SGRT users through the clinical workflow. Earlier this year, the AAPM (American Association of Physicist in Medicine) issued a report with guidelines for the clinical implementation and use of surface imaging.

The ESTRO report sets a strong focus on the SGRT workflow, covering the chain from imaging to treatment delivery. The authors are researchers from various clinical institutes with experience using SGRT. The report also includes a collection of criteria for decision-making for procurement of an SGRT system.

“This document presents the first European comprehensive guidelines on the commissioning, QA, and clinical use of SGRT systems… The technology of SGRT is evolving rapidly and the current guidelines may need to be adapted to future SGRT solutions.” [1] The report says. Hence underlining the incremental growth of SGRT usage worldwide and the need for guidelines on both usage but also procurement, much same as the AAPM report stated earlier this year: “The clinical use of surface imaging has increased dramatically with demonstrated utility for initial patient positioning, real-time motion monitoring, and beam gating in a variety of anatomical sites.” [2]

The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) SGRT working group was initiated at the 3rd ESTRO physics workshop 2019 in Budapest. To establish a framework for the group, a study was carried out in 2020 which thus confirmed the need for common guidelines on the commissioning, QA, and clinical use of SGRT systems.

“This is a fantastic result of the inspiring ESTRO physics workshop in Budapest where the SGRT working group was created. Written by some of our most dedicated and experienced users, these first European guidelines are a valuable resource for both current and new practitioners to implement SGRT in their clinic”, says Mattias Nilsing, PhD, Product Manager C-RAD

ESTRO is a scientific and professional organization with 7,600 members, dedicated to formulation of new objectives, activities and structures for science dissemination, education and policy in radiation oncology. ACROP committee was formed in December 2012. Its aim is to advise the ESTRO Board and respective ESTRO councils in key areas such as guidelines, legislation and strategic development.

“It is C-RAD’s mission to ensure safety and efficiency in advanced radiation oncology. This comprehensive report is another milestone to standardize the safe and efficient implementation and operation of surface tracking technology for radiation therapy centers in Europe and worldwide” says Tim Thurn, CEO and President of C-RAD AB.

Read the complete report here:

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[1] 1 P.Freislederera, V.Batista, M. Öllers, et al. ESTRO-ACROP guideline on surface guided radiation therapy. Science Direct, 2022.
[2] Al-Hallaq, HA, Cerviño, L, Gutierrez, AN, et al. AAPM task group report 302: Surface guided radiotherapy. Med. Phys.. 2022; 00: 00- 00.

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