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C-RAD to demonstrate enhancements in surface guided solutions for advanced radiotherapy treatments at AAPM

At the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 65th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, July 23-27 in Houston, C-RAD AB (Publ) will showcase its latest software solution, Catalyst+ 6.5, and demonstrate how surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) truly adapts to the clinical needs of the patient.

C-RAD’s SGRT solutions provide the clinical staff with patient-centric and user-friendly SGRT for effective treatments and better outcomes, as well as efficiency in a complex treatment workflow. Visitors to C-RAD booth 1003 will hear about the positive impact of SGRT in heart sparing breast cancer treatments, improved accuracy and precision in SRS, and using SGRT to more closely manage motion in routine treatments for everyday clinical practice.

Catalyst+ 6.5 aims to improve accuracy, usability and integration in the clinic
Catalyst+ 6.5 supports a range of treatments, potentially shortening treatment slots, minimizing errors, and providing greater patient comfort with a less disruptive patient experience. We invite AAPM attendees to experience all the benefits of SGRT and new enhancements:

  • Verify accuracy daily with a range of new QA features and tools
  • New patient setup workflow with 6 DOF couch
  • Real-time patient tracking and beam gating in 6 DOF
  • Predefined surfaces added for motion management
  • User-defined clinical hours ensures Catalyst+ is ready when you are
  • New temperature controls automatically adapt to the environment

C-RAD to participate in the AAPM Therapy Guided Tour
On Tuesday, July 25, C-RAD will be part of AAPM’s SGRT educational sessions. In partnership with an AAPM member, a C-RAD clinical expert will demonstrate how SGRT enhances treatment accuracy and patient throughput, comfort, and safety. A technical review will include intuitive end-to-end workflow for the CTSim and treatment room, large FOV with no requirement to delineate regions of interest (ROIs) and benefits of a non-rigid (deformable) algorithm versus a rigid algorithm.

“SGRT has shown substantial benefits in everyday clinical practice and is becoming the standard of care. C-RAD provides intuitive and simple workflow to help ensure that centers are treating the right patient, with the right accessories, in the right position,” says Ivan Astralaga, President of C-RAD Inc. “We look forward to discussing the positive impact of SGRT from published data and upcoming abstracts with the AAPM community.”

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