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C-RAD Sentinel laser scanner attracted interest at ITEM meeting in Japan

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries is all active in the field of
radiation therapy. According to plan has now the Sentinel laser scanner been
certified for use in Japan and introduction to Japanese market was done at the
annual ITEM meeting in Yokohama, Japan, recently. The first ordered Sentinel
system has now also been delivered to Japan. 

The Japanese radiotherapy market is highly interesting with large number of
clinics and a high degree of advanced radiation procedures. In accordance with
the strategy of C-RAD to establish a firm presence in selected important
markets, Japan has been a prioritized country. The required certification
approval to sell and use the Sentinel laser scanner system in Japan was
received earlier this year. Following this certification approval C-RAD
attended the annual ITEM congress in Yokohama, April 17-19. 
The ITEM congress is one of the most important events in Japan and attracts
interest and participation from the radiotherapy society of Japan. C-RAD
exhibited together with our distributor for Japan, Advanced Radiation Devices,
the unique laser scanner system Sentinel. The Sentinel offers improved accuracy
in combination with increased efficiency in radiation treatments and the
exhibition with demonstrations of the products capability attracted lots of
interest from the participants. 

With the certification approval in place and the launch of the product at ITEM
an important milestone for C-RAD has been taken. These events are now followed
by intensive marketing and sale activities in Japan. 

Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:
"We are excited about the response Sentinel received from the Japanese
radiotherapy society. The unique features of Sentinel received good response
from the highly skilled and advanced customers of Japan. As Japan is one of the
major markets worldwide we are pleased to have the certification for sale of
the product in place and can now also offer this to customers in Japan." 

For further information: 
Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telefon 018 - 66 69 31, E-post
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