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C-RAD receives largest Proton Therapy order to date, counting to 10 complete end-to-end SGRT systems in Spain with an order value of 32 MSEK

C-RAD announces a significant milestone in the field of particle therapy with an order from the proton therapy market leader Ion Beam Applications S.A. (IBA) for 10 Catalyst+ PT and 10 Sentinel, to be installed at nine proton centers in Spain. C-RAD participated in the Ortega Foundation public tender in partnership with IBA as the main supplier. Total order value amounts to 32 MSEK.


After the Amancio Ortega Foundation agreed to donate up to EUR 280 million to the Ministry of Health for the purchase of 10 proton therapy units and other equipment to be installed across the country, a formal agreement was signed in 2021 and the public tender was launched in July 2022, with three selection rounds to choose the companies eligible to provide proton therapy equipment to Spain National Health System.

All nine centers will be equipped with Sentinel 4DCT at the planning CT (for 4DCT and DIBH) and Catalyst+ PT at the IBA Proteus®ONE treatment room for positioning, motion monitoring and respiratory gated particle treatments. Catalyst+ PT supports the entire proton therapy workflow, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes without exposing the patients to non-prescribed radiation doses.

Cecilia de Leeuw, CEO and president of C-RAD, comments: “This is a significant step towards establishing SGRT as the standard of care in advanced particle therapy. We are truly honored and enthusiastic about the designation of our Catalyst+ PT system for nine centers across Spain”.

Mattias Nilsing, Product Manager SGRT for Particle Therapy and CT Imaging at C-RAD, added: “Particle therapy stands at the forefront of precise cancer radiation therapy and we take immense pride in being partners with IBA, facilitating these cutting-edge treatments. C-RAD’s first proton project with IBA dates back to 2015. Since then, our collaboration has resulted in several successful installations at leading cancer centers worldwide, confirming the products’ technical excellence and a solid, long-lasting partnership.”
The deliveries are expected to start earliest in 2025 and will continue over several years.
Service contracts have not been included in this order but could be added at a later stage, along with the deliveries.

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