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C-RAD has been selected as the primary supplier for SGRT in a large tender in Italy

C-RAD announced the decision for positioning technology in a country wide tender in Italy in October. The C-RAD distributor – Tecnosan SRL – won the SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy) lot. The tender includes Catalyst and Sentinel 4DCT systems. The decision was subject to an appeal period, which has now expired. C-RAD announces today the purchase order related to the tender of in total 46 MSEK.

“We are really excited to have been chosen as preferred supplier for this huge tender. After implementing SGRT solutions all over Italy for almost 10 years, this result boldly confirms the reliability and effectiveness of C-RAD systems. In Tecnosan, we work with people for people and our goal for the next two-year timeframe is bringing this high-end SGRT technology in more than thirty Italian public hospitals” says Mattia Dell’Orsola, CEO of Tecnosan. “We aim to support the doctors in their battle against cancer and SGRT systems improve both the ease of treatment and the quality of patients’ lives after radiation therapy, even in the long term and especially for women affected by breast cancer.”

Italy currently has approximately 432 linear accelerators installed, spread amongst 192 cancer centers. This order of Catalyst and Sentinel 4DCT systems will take C-RAD´s market dominance to over 100 SGRT systems in Italy. The purchase order will be booked as order intake in the fourth quarter 2022. Delivery and installation of those systems is expected to commence during spring 2023 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

“It`s an honor to be selected as the main SGRT technology supplier in the country-wide Italian tender. Italy has decided to make surface imaging solutions widely available for their cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, ensuring that the radiation dose is delivered with greater accuracy and precision to only the tissues that need to be treated.” Says Kashif Ikram, VP Sales EMEA for C-RAD “We very much would like to thank the team at Tecnosan for their great efforts and work to introduce SGRT throughout Italy. This outlines the importance for C-RAD to work with excellent commercial partners in various geographic markets.”

“We see a growing number of large procurement projects in radiation therapy that require surface tracking as part of the standard scope of supply, which is a very encouraging development and yet another confirmation that the technology is on its way to become standard of care in advanced radiation therapy.” says Tim Thurn, CEO and President of C-RAD AB

About Tecnosan
Tecnosan was founded in 1985 and entirely focused on Radiation Oncology since 2011, Tecnosan is an Italian company that chooses the most innovative and patient-centric solutions worldwide and operates as distributor in Italy. Tecnosan has been collaborating with C-RAD since 2013 and SGRT technology has been the main core of Tecnosan business.

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