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C-RAD AB:Distribution agreement with Aktina Medical Corporation

A successful start up of the C-RAD and Aktina Medical relationship

A successful start up of the C-RAD and Aktina Medical relationship


C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. C-RAD AB and the New York based company Aktina Medical Corporation last December signed a distribution agreement for the US market.

In January a first product training of the Aktina sales force was carried out. Only after a few weeks a first order of a Sentinel system was placed. The customer is First Coast Oncology located in Florida who decided to acquire a third system to the clinic.

A number of new Sentinel projects have by the Aktina sales force been started up.

As a result of discussions an additional agreement has been signed by C-RAD and Aktina Medical. Aktina Medical is a major designer and manufacturer of quality accessories and treatment systems in the field of radiation oncology. C-RAD will represent the Aktina program on the Scandinavian markets.


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"The immediate success of a first Sentinel order is of course encouraging for both the C-RAD and the Aktina staff and the further development of the US market.

C-RAD is also enthusiastic to start selling the Aktina program in the Scandinavian countries. The Aktina program will in parallel be promoted with product lines of C-RAD and IBA Dosimetry. The product lines are complementary. "


Nicholas G. Zacharoopoulos, V.P. Of Product Development, Aktina Medical Corporation:

“We have been listening carefully to our customers – and one thing has been quite clear: the tools for handling intra-fractional and respiratory motion have been limited. And now there is almost a seamless integration between the Sentinel patient monitoring system and the Aktina line of immobilization and positioning solutions – closing a previously substantial gap in the clinical process. We are proud to move forward with a partner like C-RAD“



AKTINA MEDICAL CORPORATION, a New York, USA based company, is a designer and manufacturer of quality treatment systems and accessories in the field of radiation oncology. Aktina´s products cover a wide range of applications, from carbon fiber couch tops, to patient immobilization and stereotactic radiosurgery. Aktina also has a long track record in providing OEM design solutions as well as manufacturing expertise to the Radiation Oncology OEMs.


For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telefon 018 – 66 69 31, E-post


 About C-RAD AB

C-RAD develops new and innovative solutions for the use in advanced radiation therapy. The company group of C-RAD offers products and solutions for patient positioning, tumor localization and radiation treatment systems. End users are radiation therapy clinics worldwide. All product development is conducted in three fully owned subsidiaries; C-RAD Positioning AB, C-RAD Imaging AB and C-RAD Innovation AB. C-RAD Imaging AB is located in Östersund while the other companies are located in Uppsala. Numbers of employees are currently 19 people. The activities in C-RAD AB originate from research and development at the Karolinska Institutet in Solna. Sales of the company’s first product, the C-RAD SentinelTM, started in 2007. Cooperation agreements have been signed with the Swedish company Elekta and the Belgian company IBA. C-RAD is represented by distributors specialized in radiation therapy on major markets. C-RAD AB is since March 2010 listed at Nasdaq Omx First North Premier. 

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