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C-RAD AB: The C-RAD Catalyst™ system at ESTRO

Press release 2011-05-06

Press release 2011-05-06


Announcement of the C-RAD Catalyst™ system at ESTRO.

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. C-RAD will at the ESTRO meeting in London for the first time present the new Catalyst™ system.

The C-RAD mission is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to secure high precision in advanced radiation therapy to cure more patients with cancer. The previously launched Sentinel™ and GEMini™ systems are based on unique technologies and are intended for use in radiation therapy.

The procedure and workflow in radiation therapy is complex and can be considered as a chain of events where the different steps are linked. With the introduction of the Catalyst system C-RAD is introducing a solution to secure the highest quality through the whole treatment process. This is achieved through automatic and independent verification of many critical parameters that were previously only possible to check manually.

The system is based on a next generation hardware and software platform for high performance optical surface scanning and augmented reality through re-projection. Advanced and highly optimized algorithms for non-rigid registration and deformable models enable the real-time assessment of patient positioning errors before and during treatment delivery. The system is calculating isocenter adjustments. Interfaces to major LINAC vendors ensure a completely integrated workflow.

The unique product features are protected by international patent and patent applications. Deliveries of Catalyst will start September 2011.

The System will be validated at the Skåne University Hospital. A first agreement including deliveries of Catalyst™ systems have been signed. Tests will follow at the University Hospital in Uppsala as well as the University clinic in Würzburg, Germany. Further information will follow at the C-RAD web site:


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

”The C-RAD systems Sentinel, Catalyst and GEMini have all been developed to secure the highest precision in advanced radiation therapy. All competences in the group has been involved in the design of the Catalyst system. Thanks to the outstanding work and creativity of the C-RAD staff we are happy to present a new and unique state of the art system for all phases of the radiation therapy process. "



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