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C-RAD AB: First order of GEMini ED

Press release 2012-01-16

Press release 2012-01-16


A first order of a C-RAD GEMini detector from Universitätsklinik für Radiotherapie und Radio- Onkologie in Salzburg, Austria


C-RAD AB with its four fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. The first phase of the cooperation between the Paracelsus Medical University at Universitätsklinik für Radiotherapie und Radio- Onkologie in Salzburg, Austria and

C-RAD Imaging AB has successfully been finished. The parties have agreed to continue the cooperation. A first GEMini ED detector system has been ordered.

Universitätsklinik für Radiotherapie und Radio- Onkologie in Salzburg is one of the leading clinics in advanced radiation therapy in Austria. The clinic has four linac systems from Elekta installed. The Paracelsus Medical University has a long experience in flat panel imaging and is continuously working on a software platform for radiation therapy called open-radART with related imaging modules.

In 2011 a C-RAD GEMini ED detector was integrated and mounted on an Elekta accelerator system. After a modification of the detector and the gas flow system a pre-clinical test phase was carried through. Objectives have successfully been reached. Results will be presented.

Universitätsklinik Salzburg has placed a first order of a GEMini detector. The system will after further technical integration be used in the clinical routine of the university hospital. The Paracelsus group will continue to develop both hardware and software of C-RAD Imaging the products.


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"The cooperation with Professor Sedlmayer and Mr. Deutschmann and colleagues has in 2011 been very successful. For the first time images on patients can be shown. Thisis  a necessary step when marketing the GEMini technology.  The long experience of the Salzburg group in advanced radiation therapy and especially in flat panel technology has been very important to improve the performance of GEMini ED. The parties have agreed to a long term relationship with the objective to further improve both technical and clinical performance.”


Univ.-Prof. Felix Sedlmayer, Mag. Heinz Deutschmann, Universitätsklinik für Radiotherapie und Radio- Onkologie, Salzburg:

“We have successfully installed a GEMini ED panel on one of our Elekta linear accelerators. C-RAD´s imaging interface to our record and verify system open-radART is stable and performing well, so that we were able to operate the panel for a first series of patients in clinical mode. Results are promising. For example in terms of image quality, breast cancer patients treated with tangential beams, GEMini ED portal images do have a good dynamic range and show all relevant anatomical details from skin to ribs and lung to the extent required to check the patient´s correct setup position during treatment.

More work and tests are needed to outperform the existing flat panel technology. We at radART can contribute to these developments. Together with C-RAD we decided to proceed with the cooperation aiming to develop the device for optimized clinical usability. In the next months, we will focus on gathering more clinical experience with the system.”


For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46 (0)18  66 69 31, E-mail


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