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C-RAD AB: Cooperation in motion management

C-RAD announces collaboration on the development motion management solutions for radiation therapy

C-RAD announces collaboration on the development motion management solutions for radiation therapy


C-RAD with its four fully owned subsidiaries are all active are all active in the field of therapy. C-RAD will in cooperation with Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle, Washington participate in the development of motion management solutions based on the new C-RAD Catalyst system.


For tumors impacted by respiratory motion, normal tissue toxicities limit the ability of radiation oncologists to deliver curative doses of radiation. By employing advanced motion management techniques, it is possible to deliver radiation in a more precise manner and achieve improved clinical outcomes. A key focus of the agreement will be development, testing, and clinical implementation of C-RAD surface mapping solutions as a tool for initial patient set up and real-time patient monitoring. A clinical protocol will be developed to collect and document the impact on clinical efficiency. Swedish Health Services will interface the C-Rad Catalyst system with its linear accelerators to provide gated treatments. The C-RAD Catalyst uses next generation optical surface scanning and re-projection hardware to continuously track each patient’s surface throughout the set-up and delivery process. Radiation oncologist Vivek Mehta, M.D., who is director of Swedish Cancer Institute’s Center for Advanced Targeted Radiotherapy said, “We believe this collaboration will result in the most advanced beam-gating solutions on the market and will allow us to achieve unprecedented dose conformity in the treatment of tumors in the lung, liver and pancreas.”


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"C-RAD received its largest order ever to deliver six Sentinel laser scanning systems to Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle, USA. Two of the systems have been installed and are in clinical use. C-RAD is much honored to have been selected as a partner to Swedish Cancer Institute to develop a new, advanced solution for gated treatments and motion management in radiation therapy."


For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46 (0)18 66 69 31, E-mail

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