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C-RAD AB: An order of ten systems to Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Press release 2012-10-19

Press release 2012-10-19



An order of ten C-RAD Catalyst™ and SentinelTM systems to the Herlev Hospital in Denmark

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries in Sweden and three international sales companies are all active in the field of radiation therapy. The radiation therapy clinic at the Herlev Hospital in Denmark has ordered eight C-RAD Catalyst systems to be installed at linear accelerators from Varian. In addition two Sentinel systems have been ordered and will be installed at CT machines from Philips.  

The Catalyst™ is a next-generation high performance tracking system based on optical surface scanning and augmented reality through re-projection. Advanced and highly optimized algorithms for non-rigid registration and deformable models enable clinicians to perform a real-time assessment of patient positioning errors before and during treatment delivery. Interfaces to major vendors ensure a completely integrated workflow.

The Sentinel TM  is a dedicated system for 4DCT studies and motion detection.

All Catalyst systems will be fully equipped with advanced functionalities for patient positioning, motion detection and respiratory gating. The Sentinel system will be equipped with functionality for 4DCT to do prospective studies. The rented Catalyst system will be used for demo purposes at the clinic.

A clinical cooperation has been agreed for a three year period. A Phd student and a nurse will as a first project clinically replace the use of the Varian RPM systemt with the C-RAD system for gated treatments on breast patients based on breath hold. 


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

” We are deeply honored to have received the largest order ever from the Herlev Hospital outside of Copenhagen in Denmark. The Herlev Hospital is one of the leading radiation therapy centers in Scandinavia. The order is a proof of the leading position of C-RAD in optical scanning of patients for use in advanced radiation therapy.

The clinical cooperation with the radiation therapy department at Herlev Hospital will be of utmost important for the further development of C-RAD solutions.”


Poul Geertsen, MD, Ph.d, Head of Radiotherapy, Herlev Hospital

“Herlev Hospital is a high volume center that delivers the largest number of treatments in Denmark, and we are also the most productive measured by number of treatment per accelerator. With the C-RAD we aim to improve both quality and – hopefully – speed further. Our initial focus is on Brest cancer, but as a result of the research agreement – we look forward to the implementation of the C-RAD technology for the majority of treatments in the future”


For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46-(0)18-66 69 31, E-Mail

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