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Press release 2011-08-19

Press release 2011-08-19


Successful launch of the C-RAD Catalyst™ system in North America at AAPM.

C-RAD AB with its four fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. C-RAD attended and exhibited at the annual AAPM meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 31st-August 3rd. The new Catalyst™ system was launched and presented for the North American customers.

The annual AAPM meeting was this year combined with the Canadian COMP meeting as a joint North American event and is one of the major events in radiation therapy. Main focus for C-RAD this year was to launch the new Catalyst™ system and the expanded product portfolio in optical imaging solutions. The C-RAD solutions were well displayed at the AAPM meeting as the Sentinel™ system was exhibited and demonstrated at the Elekta and Aktina Medical booths as well as at the C-RAD booth.

C-RAD presented an expanded product portfolio for optical surface tracking and monitoring with the launch of the new Catalyst™ system.

The new Catalyst™ system and the previously launched Sentinel™ system presents a complete product offering and tailored configurations can be offered based on customer requests. With this product portfolio is C-RAD the world leading company to offer surface based scanning systems for enhanced precision, patient safety and efficiency in advanced radiation therapy. C-RAD is today the only company offering a solution based on one unit that measures and monitors the patient and accessories throughout the complete treatment chain.

The response from the customers attending AAPM confirmed the unique approach in the Catalyst™ system of real time measurement and re-projection workflow.

The C-RAD product range including Catalyst™ and Sentinel™ as optical scanning systems and Gemini™ detector systems was presented to customers and leading industrial partners.

The unique product features are protected by international patent and patent applications. Deliveries of Catalyst™ will start October 2011.

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Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

“We are excited about the great response and acknowledgment received by customers in North Amerika of the expanded product portfolio for optical imaging systems. The unique features of the Catalyst™ system attracted both the highly advanced customers of radiotherapy society as well as important industrial contacts.

The Catalyst™ presents a completely new approach to use interactive information technology in the radiotherapy process and offers measurement and monitoring of patients as well as fixation devices and other accessories in a one system approach."

For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46 (0)18 66 69 31, E-mail


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