Maximize patient safety during deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) with Catalyst

Maximize efficiency and patient safety for DIBH with C-RAD’s advanced Surface Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), Catalyst™. Accurate positioning and movement monitoring helps reduce the dose delivered to the heart when treatment targets the left breast or certain areas of the lung. Catalyst delivers a DIBH treatment that is dosimetrically more accurate than previous respiratory motion management solutions by:

  • Ensuring accurate patient positioning
  • Monitoring respiratory motion continuously and without requiring tattoos
  • Observing patient tolerance for DIBH during simulation, enabling evaluation and instruction to be conducted on a CT without impacting the scheduling of the treatment room
  • Enabling teams to work more efficiently while providing the best care for their patients

Catalyst helps assure the best clinical outcome with reduction irradiation on healthy tissue and improves the patient’s post-treatment quality of life.

See the Catalyst System in Action

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"When we conducted a study to evaluate the accuracy and stability of DIBH using SGRT compared to our previous radiofrequency transponder method, we achieved significantly higher positional accuracy and improved precision with the Catalyst HD system."

Kalet, AM, Cao, N, Smith, WP. (2019) Accuracy and stability of deep inspiration breath hold in gated breast radiotherapy –A comparison of two tracking and guidance systems. Physica Medica 60: 174–181

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