Maximize patient safety during stereotactic radiation therapy (SRS) with Catalyst

Maximize efficiency and patient safety for SRS radiation therapy with C-RAD’s advanced Surface Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), Catalyst™. Accurate positioning and movement monitoring help assure the best clinical outcome with reduction irradiation on healthy tissue…and ensures a better patient experience.

The Catalyst system and its optimized workflow:

  • Use the patient’s anatomy to ensure an accurate treatment delivery
  • Monitor patient position intra fraction to improve patient safety and delivery confidence
  • Automatically pauses linac treatment if the patient is out of position
  • Ensure the Catalyst HD isocenter coordinates with the linac CBCT and treatment isocenter with its integrated QA process

Discover how SGRT solutions from C-RAD ensure more accurate treatment delivery for patients with SRS.

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Read the promising results using Catalyst HD for SRS treatment setup from UT Health San Antonio Department of Radiation Oncology.

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“Catalyst HD is able to guarantee a patient set-up within 0.5mm / 0.5 degree on average for patients with brain metastases…”


— Michel Öllers, Medical Physicist PhD., Maastro Clinic, Netherlands


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