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Catalyst HD - The Precise Answer to Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

The capability of linear accelerators to deliver higher doses for SRT is increasing and it is expected that this technique will be applied more widely in clinical settings. To deliver even higher doses, new technology must be provided that is compatible with stereotactic delivery, namely high-precision patient positioning and intra-fraction motion management.

Catalyst HD offers a complete Surface Image Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) solution on SRT for online patient tracking before and during treatment delivery, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcome without non-prescribed doses. The Catalyst HD can also be used for VMAT, IMRT and 3D CRT delivery.

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Benefits & features

Real-time Surface Image Guided Solution with Submillimeter accuracy

  • Provide real time SGRT through the treatment workflow, from Setup and Positioning, Intra-Fraction Motion Monitoring to Respiratory Gating Treatment with submillimeter accuracy for non-coplanar treatment
  • Large patient surface coverage (1300x800x700mm) with optimal 360-degree coverage, fully support non coplanar delivery.
  • Patented color map projected on patient body during setup.
  • During treatment, the patient is constantly under surveillances by Catalyst HD.
  • Dedicated Stereotactic Module is available for SRS/SBRT delivery,

High level of patient safety and comfort

  • Dose-free motion management
  • Auto patient data retrieve
  • No markers on or around the patient
  • Audio-visual coaching through in-room speakers and video solution, assisting the patient to follow the optimal breathing pattern.

Sophisticated software to streamline the workflow

  • Multi-vendor interfaces have been developed to ensure the seamless clinical workflow, i.e. Varian TrueBeam, C-series; Elekta VersaHD, Infinity, Synergy.
  • All patient data is available from a central database in the network environment.

Increasing productivity without compromising the treatment quality

  • Potential to improve quality and speed of the positioning process, for example, extremity sarcoma
  • Highly integrated QA/QC procedure – Daily QC within 5 minutes
  • Non-rigid algorithm avoids extra time for ROI design.


  • Positioning accuracy: Within 0.5 mm for rigid body
  • Long term stability: 0.3 mm

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Support services available

Our knowledgeable and experienced C-RAD Services team is here for you during the entire lifetime of the systems. We guide you from installation and clinical implementation, through preventive maintenance, support and continuous software upgrades.

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