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Positive response by customers on the performance of GEMini ED

Press release 2010-02-25
C-RAD AB with its three wholly owned subsidiaries are all active in the field
of radiation therapy. A number of companies have shown great interest for the
GEMini ED system and have started evaluations of the image quality and its
technical performance. 

C-RAD Gemini system is based on technology originally developed at CERN in
Switzerland. Since then, the technology has been developed for use in medical
applications by Professor Anders Brahme and his team at the Karolinska
Institutet in Stockholm. C-RAD holds three patents, which ensures the
protection of the unique technology. 

The C-RAD GEMini detector has a number of unique features. Opposite to present
products on the market GEMini can be used both to make images with conventional
x-ray and by using the beam of the radiation therapy machine. Gemini ED is
mainly intended for use with the beam of the therapy unit. The image quality
has been approved by a first potential customer and as a result negotiations
have started. This company also has an interest to use the system for IGRT or
so called Image Guided Radiation Therapy. Evaluations with other companies will
be started. 

Two other companies have an interest to use the C-RAD GEMini system for fluence
measurements when treating patients. A letter of intent, was for this
application, signed with IBA Dosimetry. Based on a requirement specification, a
technical and commercial evaluation is running. 

Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"In 1998 the development of the GEMini technology started at the Karolinska
Institutet in Stockholm. Since 2005 the group at C-RAD Imaging has been working
hard to reach performances of the detector, required by clinics and companies
working in radiation therapy. 

In 2010 C-RAD Imaging is expecting to make first deliveries of the GEMini
detector. In addition diode detectors of 4.3 MSEK to IBA Dosimetry will be


For further information: 

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telefon 018 - 66 69 31, E-post
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