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C-RAD AB: Frame order from IBA Dosimetry

Press release 2012-02-08

Press release 2012-02-08

IBA Dosimetry in Germany has placed a frame order for deliveries in 2012 of diode detectors 


C-RAD AB with its four fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. C-RAD and IBA Dosimetry have negotiated and agreed upon deliveries in 2012 of diode detectors for use in dosimetry at the radiation therapy clinics. IBA has placed a frame order of 6, 1 MSEK.

IBA Dosimetry is a world market leader of dosimetry products and systems for use in diagnostics and radiation therapy. The subsidiary C-RAD Imaging AB is since 1 January 2010 responsible for the manufacturing and the further development of the IBA diode detector program. In spring 2010 these activities were moved to the C-RAD headquarter. More than 3 000 detectors has been produced and delivered. For 2012 conditions and volumes for deliveries of diode detectors has been negotiated and agreed upon. Compared to the frame order of 2011 deliveries will increase with + 27 %. In order to further improve quality and technical performance a new detector chip has been designed. Deliveries with the new chip will start Q2 2012.


Erik Hedlund, CEO of C-RAD AB:

“We are grateful for the confidence shown by IBA by placing the new and larger frame order to C-RAD Imaging AB for deliveries in 2012.

The decision by IBA to invest in the design of a new detector chip is showing great expectations regarding the further development of the market for diode detectors for use in radiation therapy. ”


For further information:

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46 (0)18  66 69 31, E-mail


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