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C-RAD AB: ACTA/NACP meeting 2011

Press release 2011-04-19

Press release 2011-04-19

A prerelease of the new C-RAD Catalyst system at the ACTA/ NACP meeting

C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries are all active in the field of radiation therapy. The company attended and exhibited 13 to 15 April at the 2011 ACTA/ NACP symposium. This year`s meeting took place in Uppsala, Sweden.


The ACTA Oncologica Symposium on Particle Therapy is one in a series of symposia organized by ACTA Oncologica, which is the official journal of the five Nordic oncological societies. The NACP physicist meeting is being held every third year and this year with members from high ranked radiation therapy clinics in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Island and Denmark.

The new C-RAD Catalyst system will officially be announced at the ESTRO meeting in London, 8-12 May 2011. As projects for the new C-RAD system are already running in the Scandinavian countries marketing and sales of Catalyst has been started. As the name indicates it is an innovative concept for use in the whole radiation therapy process. It is based on completely new technologies for interactive use. New algorithms have been developed for real time assessment of set up errors before and during the treatment.

IBA Dosimetry program was exhibited and demonstrated by one of the IBA product managers. For the first time the product line of Aktina Medical was shown. A lot of new leads were identified.


Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:


”C-RAD is today a well-recognized company with innovative solutions in radiation therapy for surface scanning and imaging. With the established cooperation with IBA Dosimetry and Aktina Medical a broad product line to the clinics can be offered.

The release of the Catalyst system is a breakthrough for the C-RAD group to offer high quality and high precision solutions for the whole radiation therapy process. "



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