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A frame order of diode detectors to be delivered in 2010

Press release 2010-12-16
C-RAD AB with its three fully owned subsidiaries is active in the field of
radiation therapy. The subsidiary C-RAD Imaging is from January 2010
responsible for the manufacturing of the IBA diode detector program. IBA has
placed a frame order of 4.3 MSEK for deliveries in 2010. 

C-RAD Imaging is marketing a detector system based technology originally
developed at CERN in Switzerland. The technology has been further developed by
professor Brahme at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm for use in
diagnostics and radiation therapy. The company will from 1 January 2010 be
responsible for the development and manufacturing of the IBA diode detector
program. The main application of diode detectors are in in-vivo dosimetry.
Altogether 1400 diode detectors and diode detector systems will in 2010 be
delivered to the IBA Dosimetry headquarter in Schwarzenbruck, Germany and for
further deliveries to the world market. Deliveries will start in February. Due
to change of product mix the value might vary. 

These detectors will, as part of the IBA agreement, be sold by C-RAD in the
Scandinavian countries, Norway excluded. The distribution agreement signed with
IBA Dosimetry will bring synergies for C-RAD when selling direct to the
radiation therapy clinics in Scandinavia. IBA is the world market leader in
dosimetry for use in the medical field 

Erik Hedlund, CEO, C-RAD AB:

"The relationship between IBA and C-RAD are for both parties long term and will
bring synergies in the development, manufacturing and sales. Existing resources
will more effectively be used. The representation of IBA Dosimetry in
Scandinavia will add considerable business in direct sales.” 


For further information: 

Erik Hedlund, CEO C-RAD AB, Telefon 018 - 66 69 31, E-post
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