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C-RAD’s Catalyst+ with structured light offers accurate positioning and optimized workflow that’s time-efficient, including, for example, DIBH breast treatments or SRS treatments.


What is Structured Light?

Structured light is an imaging technique in which a precise, known light pattern is projected onto a surface and the way that the pattern deforms when striking the surface provides depth information to generate high-resolution 3D surfaces out of 2D images captured by a camera.

By using a structured light scanner independent of the room light conditions, C-RAD’s Catalyst+ can provide augmented reality color projections and vibrant ambient light to provide guidance on how to correct postural misalignments and to visually coach the patient for the correct respiratory amplitude during breath-hold treatments.

  • When the therapist is adjusting a patient’s posture prior to treatment, Catalyst+ projects yellow and red light directly onto the patient’s skin, indicating the areas out of position and how to quickly correct them.
  • During breath-hold treatments the ambient color of the treatment room light can change in real-time depending on the respiratory amplitude registered by Catalyst+, to guide the patient to the optimal and desired amplitude.
  • For both photon and proton treatment fields, the system performance is not affected by the ambient lighting of a treatment room. Only its blue projected measurement light is registered while all other light such as in-room lighting and linac field light is ignored.

With structured light, the technology projects a known light pattern on a surface and captures the reflection of that light on the person and sees how it deforms. This helps to assess where the patient is in the room.

As C-RAD strongly believes that SGRT is for every patient and every fraction, another important benefit of the structured light with the Catalyst+ system is its ability to acquire surface images of all patients and skin tones with ease, due to its adjustable camera sensitivity and high dynamic range.

Structured Light

Colored light (red, as shown, or yellow) indicates that the patient is out of position.
When there is no colored light, the patient is placed correctly within the preferred tolerances.

High-Resolution 3D imaging

C-RAD’s Catalyst+ system is based on optical triangulation and advanced structured light imaging technology to deliver precise SGRT. To provide a complete solution for high-precision patient positioning, infra-fractional motion management and respiratory gating, the ability to acquire high-quality 3D surface images of a patient in real time is essential.

Each Catalyst+ scanner consists of a structured light projector coupled with a high-speed, high-resolution camera. Together, the system can capture and generate high-resolution 3D images of a patient in real time. For complete patient coverage and stereotactic radiotherapy performance, especially during non-coplanar treatment delivery, three Catalyst+ scanners can be combined to form a Catalyst+ HD system.

Seeing patients in a new light adds clinical value
With SGRT, everything is focused on achieving a high-quality patient surface. By adding structured light technology, the care team, always, has ‘an extra eye’ on the patient during treatment, enabling a confident calculation on how and if the patient should be moved, treating accurately at every moment. By improving patient placement and constantly monitoring movement, treatments can be delivered more precisely, minimizing the risk of damage to healthy tissue and helping ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

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